The Spot, Inc. FAQ

Last updated August 26, 2015

What is The Spot?

The Spot is an online site that allows you to search, price, and book event venues and curated experiences for your corporate or social groups. We work directly with venues and merchants to gather options and pricing details to allow you to easily search for new venues or experiences by location, styles, event type, guest count, and budget. Experiences for your social or corporate group can be booked directly on The Spot with just one click of a button! Our concierge team will handle the booking process to minimize your workload. For event venues, you can "build out" your event by selecting specific services and options to see a price estimate. The Spot Estimate™ that we provide for event spaces is an estimate of the bare minimum budget that is required based on your selected options and requirements. Additionally, to help avoid the frustrating experience of playing phone tag and back and forth emails with venues, The Spot allows you to send your details and selected options to each event venue so they can prioritize your request. The Spot concierge team guides you through any questions you may have.

Is there a cost associated with the concierge team or using The Spot to book an event space or experience for my group?

No, our site and concierge services are completely complimentary.

How can I sign up for The Spot?

Simply create an account to get started. We require this so that we can save your favorite venues, the Spot Estimates™, and your favorite experiences to allow you to access them at a later time. For venues and merchants, please send us a request to list your venue or experience at

What is the Spot Estimate?

If you're searching for an event space for rent, you can price out a venue to get an estimate of how much an event at the venue will cost. The Spot Estimate™ is an estimate of the bare minimum budget that is required based on your selected options and event requirements. As these options change and you may upgrade certain amenities, equipment rentals, guest count, and/or menu and beverage selections, then the pricing is subject to change at time of booking. The Spot Estimate™ provides estimates for venue rental fees, amenities, and related food and beverage costs. The Spot Estimate™ is not an all-inclusive price estimate for your entire event and does not include outside vendors such as photographers, videographers, and other non-venue related vendors.

What is the The Spot concierge team?

The Spot offers its concierge team to help with all your pricing and booking needs. This dedicated team will walk you through the entire process of finding and booking your perfect event venue or experience, from compiling recommendations for options that fit your personal or corporate criteria to helping you reach out to venues. Our goal is to give you a unique, customized experience in researching and booking your venue and experience while saving you time and stress!

When was The Spot founded?

The Spot is the sister website of Wedding Spot as we saw the opportunity to expand our technology platform to serve the broader events and corporate market. Wedding Spot was founded in April 2013. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Tina Hoang-To, came up with the idea while going through her own wedding planning process in 2012. She found the existing sites to be overwhelming and lacking functionality, which inspired her to start a company that would change the wedding industry forever. Since then, we have branched out to the events industry to help corporate groups search and book venues and unique experiences for their next off-site event, meeting, conference, holiday party, and more!

Where is The Spot located?

We are located in the SOMA district in San Francisco, CA.

Booking an Event Space or Experience

How can I book an event space?

Simply search for your ideal event space by location, styles, event type, guest count, and budget, and click "Price This Venue" to choose your event details. After selecting your preferences, receive a Spot Estimate™ for your selection, and click "Contact Venue." Your information will be sent over to the venue. This venue will know exactly what you are interested in and will be able to prioritize your request.

How can I book an experience?

We have made it incredibly easy to book an experience. Search for your ideal group experience by location, styles, event type, guest count, and budget. When you’ve made your decision, click "Book It!" to book the experience. Our concierge team will follow-up with you shortly to manage your booking process and answer any questions you may have.

What is the Max Capacity?

The max capacity for each venue is the highest guest count that the venue can accommodate for an event. Most of the capacity amounts that we display are for a standard reception-style set up. If you choose to do a standing cocktail-style reception, the venue may be able to accommodate more guests than what is provided on The Spot. Please inquire with venues directly for specific details.

Does The Spot have venues in my area?

The Spot is currently available in Northern and Southern California.

Venue and Experience Pricing

What is the "starting at" price that is provided?

In the events venue directory we provide a starting price for each venue based on your required guest count, which you can set with the "Guests" filter. If you select "up to 100 guests," you will see that the starting price provided is for 100 guests. If you select "up to 300 guests," you will see that the starting price has increased because it is now for 300 guests. The starting price represents an event at the venue with your selected guest count with bare minimum options (e.g. standard banquet chairs, tables, linens, lowest cost food option, no alcohol, etc.) and Sunday rental fees.

In the experiences directory we provide a starting price for each experience that covers the cost of the offered package per person. This starting price does not include any extra or special items you may request from the merchant.

Can I book my event venue with the prices provided by The Spot?

We work closely with venues and their vendors to provide the pricing estimates shown on our site. Although they are close, they may not be 100% accurate as prices are always subject to change based on availability and time of booking. Please be sure to confirm pricing with the venue.

Where do the prices come from?

The Spot’s team works directly with event venues and their in-house or exclusive caterers and to gather options and pricing details for each event venue. For the most part, these prices are specific and customized for each venue. In some cases, we may use an estimated price for common rental items by averaging prices in a specific area. For example, we use a starting price of $60 for a 2-course plated meal for a venue in the Bay Area. Of course with any event item, you can spend as much as you want but we believe that you will be able to obtain this meal option with a starting budget of $60 per person. It is important to note that the Spot Estimate™ is at the end of the day an estimate and prices may change based on availability and time of booking. Please contact the venue to confirm prices. The purpose of The Spot is to provide users with a rough estimate of the bare minimum budget required at each venue so you can quickly assess which venues are a good fit for you in terms of style and budget. However, if you choose to upgrade certain items and/or add special items to your event, then of course the budget will need to be increased.

For experiences, The Spot team similarly works with merchants to gather the required information for each package. These prices are specific and customized for each experience. If you choose to upgrade your package with special items such as catering or extra stops on a tour, your budget may need to be increased. If you would like to discuss special additions to your experience, please feel free to consult our concierge team.

For Venues/Merchants

How much does it cost to list my venue on The Spot?

For venues and venue coordinators, we customize pricing to fit your needs and budget. If available in your region, a trial period may also be an option. For more information about pricing, please contact

How much does it cost to list my experience on The Spot?

For experiences, we have various pricing structures for merchants. For more information about pricing, please contact